Size & Other Options


A suede kippah is 6″ which is the standard size.

Sizes start at 4″ are available in 1/4″ increments.

The largest I have done so far has been 9″.

Measure the diameter of your favorite kippah to know the right size for you.


If you would like a kippah for a Bris I can attach a strap with velcro. The rough side will be on the kippah, it will stick to the thin hair of a toddler and can be used for years to come.


I can sew clips on the inside of the kippah for those who like to hide the clips.

The cheapest clips I have found so far are as follows;

Silver Clips; 100 pieces =$0.09/pc-

Blsck Clips 120 pieces = $0.07/pc –

Rainbow colored 120 pieces = $0.06/pc –